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      Because Lambda Physics SRL is a newly established startup, the presented portfolio is not the actual portfolio of Lambda Physics SRL but it is the professional portfolio of the staff involved in this company. For the most part, the achievements herein presented were made and implemented in Pro Optica S.A., that is the main company from which Lambda Physics SRL has split. Important to mention is that there is an excellent collaboration between the two companies, Lambda Physics SRL still enjoying a remarkable support from Pro Optica S.A., which is also our most important partner.

laser mirrors



2018 - 2020:     REMI
Achievement of technologies and testing methods for resilient mirrors under high power laser pulses, suitable for CETAL and ELI infrastructures

laser mirrors     laser mirrors

laser mirrors


2014 - 2017:      ESA PROJECT
Preparatory Activity for the Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Laser Retro-Reflectors (Funded by ESA).
See The Final Test Report

corner cube retro-reflectors